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Beachstock and Spires: 13 July, 2016. Providence, RI.

Beachstock in Providence, RI: Playing with Seven Spires again felt like coming home. 
The way it's meant to be. Pete's glorious hair.  I also brought my favourite shirt/jacket back: 
The original Spires jacket, a love-at-first-sight find

RTX and Jeff Williams: 6 July, 2016. Austin, TX.

This week has been absolutely insane. I've lived and breathed Jeff Williams' music for RWBY for about a week, which culminated in a grand performance at Austin City Limits' Moody Theatre during RTX. It was one of the biggest and…Read more

Dream City: 22 June, 2016. Venezia, Italia.

Let's start by saying this: While in Italy, I recorded an entire album, worked on a photo shoot and video session, and did an interview for Seven Spires on Linea Rock radio! I was actually not there for vacation, but…Read more

Chiaroscuro: 15 June, 2016. Milano, Italia.

Ciao! I am in Milano, Italia from 5 June - 20 June, recording vocals and orchestration for an album with a soon-to-be announced, really cool metal band with some members that you may recognise! I am proud to be amongst…Read more