"Take Some Time Off," They Said: 8 August '16. Cambridge, Ontario.

Hello from Cambridge, Ontario, where I went between Queen Boudicca rehearsals in hopes of indulging in some R&R. Classic Adrienne: I've still logged 4-5 solid hours of work every day, but I suppose that's the nature of showbiz haha. 

I have a draft of a post I was supposed to put up last week, but hahaha it was so depressing that I decided to give it a miss until I had some more positive things to say (the wolf you feed is the wolf that wins, as they say). So, here are some good things: 

1. Queen Boudicca: A Metal Opera rehearsals are coming along swimmingly! We have a dream team including all of the Spires guys (Jack, Pete, and Chris), Cameron Earnshaw (who guested on the record we're waiting on), and a bunch of our friends including Joe Atlan, Jenn PK, Haydée Irizzary (Aversed). Our rehearsal space is this enormous studio-- big enough to fit a six piece metal band, a handful of actor/singers, aux percussion, and a string section.

And it's delightfully moody, too.  

2. The new FirstBourne single is out! You can check it out here. It's called "Home". 


Country roads and city lights stretching out into the night
Isolation is the path I know 
Some regret in choosing life, though now and then I found delight
as a poet in a traveling show

Then you gave me a place that I could call my home
I never felt so alive

Even far across the sea, you're always on my mind
I was born forever free, but I'll always mourn what's left behind.
Til you're standing here with me, I'll keep a heart that's full of stone
Until carried on the breeze, my soul will find a way back home. 

3. ProgPower USA is coming up!!!

4. My insides are eating themselves with nerves and caffeine. In a good way. 

5. I actually am managing  to enjoy some quiet hours in Ontario! There are a lot of good people here, and by extension, there are a lot of good animals. 

Abby (in white) and Murphy (below), and a happy happy Adrienne!
They said he normally hates people except for his family. It took some hours, but we got along fine :) 
Went for a stroll through Kensington Market in Toronto and found my people.
"Moonbeam" was a childhood name of mine, given by my mother. Also, repping Kraken. 
As seen from the passenger seat of last night's sushi run.
This handsome creature joined me for coffee in bed this morning. Shadow is his name.

It's been really nice to get out of the city, and away from hordes of people and giant buildings. Everything feels lighter and more peaceful.

I'll be back in Boston on the evening of the 11th for Spires rehearsal the day after and a show in Providence, RI this weekend. 

See you soon!

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