Adrienne Cowan is a metal vocalist, songwriter, and orchestrator, known for her versatility, technical ability, and emotionally-charged art. With a passion for catharsis, she has captivated dark hearts around the world with Seven Spires’ bittersweet melodies and soul-baring stories.

     Adrienne grew up moving internationally every few years, but felt her forever home was music from the beginning. She began playing piano as soon as she could sit up and joined school choirs and theatre productions as a child, later scraping together a GED and focusing instead on vocal performance and songwriting at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, UK. Influenced by everything from Kamelot and Dimmu Borgir to Howard Shore, she earned her Bachelor's degree from Berklee, where she learned the art of orchestration and furthered her vocal studies.

     Adrienne’s music is characterized by a distinct outpouring of feelings, be that in lyrical content, leitmotifs, or vocal performance. Drawing inspiration from Roy Khan, Frederic Chopin, JRPG soundtracks, and more, she crafts musical landscapes with a melancholic expertise recognized by those who are equal parts lonesome and full of quiet hope.

     Throughout her career, Adrienne has achieved notable success, including touring the world and headlining Wacken with Avantasia, performances to 80,000 festival attendees with Masters of Ceremony, exchanging live guest performances with Roy Khan at ProgPower USA with Seven Spires, and working as the fill-in lead growling vocalist for Eluveitie for their 2023 North American tour — while also performing with Seven Spires as a support band on the same tour. Thanks to her chaotic upbringing, she excels in tour life, often spending half the year or more on the road.

     In those cosy home moments between musical ventures, Adrienne enjoys mountain hikes, spending time by any shore, and playing JRPGs. She also likes cheesy sci-fi series and being laughably awful at violin.

“A great female vocalist with amazing abilities. She can sing any style.”

-- Tobias Sammet (Avantasia)


“Fronted by the frankly ludicrous vocal talents of Adrienne Cowan, the Boston-based symphonic metal quartet blew the audience away with their rabid enthusiasm, their singer providing a startling, charismatic focal point. Some people are simply destined to be megastars.”

-- Dom Lawson (Metal Hammer UK)


"One of the few new real personalities in metal"

-- Sascha Paeth (Kamelot, Epica, Rhapsody, Avantasia)