Adrienne Cowan is a metal musician, primarily creating as the vocalist/composer in Seven Spires. 

She is also a live member of Tobias Sammett’s Avantasia, the vocalist of Sascha Paeth’s Masters of Ceremony, and the keyboardist/backing vocalist of Winds of Plague. Though she is formally trained in classical and most contemporary styles as a graduate of both Berklee College of Music and the Academy of Contemporary Music, she was self-taught in both extreme vocals and classic heavy metal clean vocals for many years before finally finding a perfect vocal coach in David Äkesson. Lyrically, she finds inspiration under night skies and in the darker depths of the human condition. 

In those precious few moments between musical ventures, Adrienne enjoys mountain hikes, spending time by any shore, and playing jRPGs and games with friends. She also likes cheesy sci-fi and vampire shows, and revels in being laughably awful at violin.




“Balancing light and darkness, the star of “Emerald Seas” is vocalist Adrienne Cowan, capable of both operatic majesty and throaty growls that would have their place in even the most brutal death metal band. Her versatility brings incredible dimension to the album, songs rocking with near jarring volatility as she bounces between screaming and singing to match each song’s intended atmosphere.”

-- Samantha Buckman - Sonic Perspectives

“She’s just an undeniably gifted lyricist and songwriter, her way with words sharing a spiritual kinship with the mighty Roy Khan’s songwriting work with Kamelot, where he elevated power metal into high art.”

-- The Metal Pigeon

"First of all, it was interesting to see how the middle section of the surprisingly hard 'Book Of Shallows', performed in the studio version by Kreator frontman Mille Petrozza, would sound live. The answer: A well-laid-out Ronnie Atkins (Pretty Maids) shares the passage with backing vocalist Adrienne Cowan, who sticks out her lines almost more venomously than Mille himself. In general, the bearish performance of the American has to be mentioned here. Finally, she not only convinces with trepidation tonight, but also follows in the footsteps of Candice Night ('Moonglow') and Within Temptation frontwoman Sharon den Nobel ('Farewell'). Hats off!"

-- Lukas Höpfner

"AVANTASIA - Berlin, Huxley's New World" (translated) (Rock Hard)


“A great female vocalist with amazing abilities. She can sing any style.”

-- Tobias Sammet (Avantasia)


“Fronted by the frankly ludicrous vocal talents of Adrienne Cowan, the Boston-based symphonic metal quartet blew the audience away with their rabid enthusiasm, their singer providing a startling, charismatic focal point. Some people are simply destined to be megastars.”

-- Dom Lawson (Metal Hammer UK)


"One of the few new real personalities in metal"

-- Sascha Paeth (Kamelot, Epica, Rhapsody, Avantasia)

"First up was the Boston-based theatrical/symphonic act Seven Spires. And what a way to start the evening it was! Adrienne Cowan’s spellbinding vocal range and guitarist Jack Kosto’s scorching solos were some of the highlights of the band’s all too short of a set. The way that Seven Spires could morph from the symphonic metal template to suddenly bring in an almost death metal-heaviness at a few moments was nothing short of impressive (as was Cowan’s vocal switch-ups and stage presence), and they could just as easily switch gears into the opposite direction (the bouncy and infectious groove of “The Cabaret of Dreams”). Indeed, there was a lot to like about the local act, and it’s probably safe to say we probably won’t be referring to them as a ‘local act’ for much longer."
"The group is fronted by Adrienne Cowan, who also handles the impeccably tasteful keyboards and orchestrations. By the halfway mark of the EP, Cowan locks herself in as a powerful vocalist with character to boot. Equal parts Simone Simons and Alice Cooper, Cowan doesn’t just ask more radio-friendly singers like Tarja Turunen or Lzzy Hale to step aside – she sounds as though she eats them for breakfast."
"Cowan's voice is a monument to talent and intelligent songwriting. And her counterparts, the three men who craft and create the structures that she thrives in, are more than a backing band. This is only an EP, I suppose, but it was far and away one of the most dynamic and strong releases you'll find for female fronted metal this year. Or last year. Or the year before that."
“The future star on display would be the trained, multi-octave vocal prowess of Adrienne. Already known to most in the New England metal scene for her work in Seven Spires, Light & Shade gives the listener three sides to her delivery – the death growls a la Alissa White-Gluz, the aforementioned Sebastian Bach-ish insanity screams, and an addictive clean nature that has passion, conviction, and years of solid experience behind her early twenty-something demeanor. “
– Matt Coe
Dead Rhetoric “The Essence of Everything” Review
"I have to point out I have to point out keyboardist Adrienne Cowan. She rocked it and is worth pointing out because as a keyboardist she only had a small amount of stage to work with but her dynamic, roaring vocals turned heads. I give the band credit in realizing what she brings to the table and giving her the spotlight to perform lead vocals on a track towards the end of the set."