No Rest for the Wicked: 29 June, 2016. Boston, MA.

1) I have been rehearsing with Jeff Willams's Freelance Orchestra for this weekend-- we're playing RTX and performing music from RWBY at Austin City Limits! Jeff and Casey were kind enough to let me stay with them for a couple nights while I was there for the super intense rehearsals. I slept AMAZINGLY on this: 

Went for a Dunkin Donuts run in this: 
And met Stan, this sweet puppy: 
Instant crazy friends <3 
2) Scarlett Records finally announced it: I am singing in a new band called Light & Shade with Alex Landenburg from Rhapsody, Marco Pastorino from Secret Sphere, and Luca Negro from Temperance! This is the band I was recording for in Italy a couple of weeks ago. 
Fantastic photography by Lisa Berg, though I still giggle and think that somehow, this photo doesn't really look
like me. Maybe it's because I'm actually wearing trousers. 

Cool logo by Titian Graphic Arts

No sugar-coating: I'm very, very tired. But, I guess the plus side is that because I crash every night, I don't have any problems sleeping right now, which is a nice change. Just trying to remember to drink enough water and eat enough protein so I can keep functioning, working out, and smiling. I'm well aware that this is only the beginning!

Si vola!

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