Chiaroscuro: 15 June, 2016. Milano, Italia.

Ciao! I am in Milano, Italia from 5 June - 20 June, recording vocals and orchestration for an album with a soon-to-be announced, really cool metal band with some members that you may recognise! I am proud to be amongst these musicians. 

Yesterday was day one of video shoots; mostly the acoustic parts of the single, and some closeup shots of vocals. We'll finish this up on Sunday and take care of the photoshoot as well. Today is day five of recording vocals, and I suspect we'll be able to wrap things up here by 4pm today. Thank you, universe! I am so tired ahahah. Today at 2-4 PM EST (8-10 PM here), I'll be doing a radio interview to talk about the upcoming Spires releases! 

There is a grand piano here, and although it is horrendously out of tune in places, sitting down and playing a little instantly felt like home.

In regards to actual Milano:

1) The lake is so damn pretty. Apparently you can take a boat across and you'll end up in Switzerland in about 40 minutes. Hopefully next time I am back, we'll have a day that we can do this. 
2) The food here is delicious, but as someone who eats a LOT of protein (gotta get those gains brah), it's very difficult to stick to the diet that my body is used to, since I don't eat meat! There are, however, a lot of all you can eat sushi places, which my party has frequented on many occasions in the last week and a half. 
4) Sto imparando l'italiano lentamente haha, it's actually going decently. I can order and find my way around, and express my opinions on things in musical settings. 
5) I am hoping to make a day trip to beloved Venice while I am here. Last time I was IT in '13, I spent a week there and absolutely fell in love. 

That's all for now!

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