Espresso at 8 PM and Other Necessary Decisions: 2 Nov 2016. Kingwood, TX.

The short version: 

I drank a lot of coffee, did a lot of work, wore myself down too much, did the shows (sang my ass off!), went home and slept it all off. 


The long version: I announced some festival dates in China with FirstBourne after we were announced to play the 2017 International Portuguese Music Awards, Queen Boudicca: A Metal Opera premiered in Providence, RI, I drank a lot of coffee and ate a lot of sushi, I made some videos with Joe Atlan, sang and recorded piano on a friend's project at 4 in the morning, and fell very behind on my remaining schoolwork. 

FirstBourne stuff: 

No pleasant faces for me, apparently
Chris (drummer for pretty much everything I sing in besides Light & Shade) and I split this sparkly-ass cupcake,
which is definitely not to be confused with a sparkly ass-cupcake. 
Too funny to not share: Mike ALMOST convinced me that he had this tattooed in a strategic place on his mortal
vessel. I can't believe I almost believed him, hahah.
Boudicca stuff: 

From L to R, B to F: Lily Marsden (cello), Peter de Reyna (bass), Chris Dovas (drums), Jack Kosto (guitar), Jose Aranda (keys), Colin 
Jenkins (guitar), Elizabeth Kumaki, Darren Domingos, Jennifer Kim, David Benites, Cameron Earnshaw, Ava Gaudet,
Bob Schlink, some random lady, Alex Hart, Haydee Irizzary, Sara Jackson, Eddie Shifflet, Alex Suggs, Anthony, Jackie (violin)

The dream team! 
Obligatory backstage cast picture
Another photoshoot with Chris. Wait, what band is this again? 
At 2 AM, she was so beautiful, and sang like an angel. The piano, not me; I screamed like a demon clawing through
the earth's crust. 
These blog posts aren't complete without a sushi picture. 
"What's that smell? Oh, just another $80 dropped at the Apple store this week."
Am I a wood elf yet? 
Jose also force-fed me toast when I forgot to eat (read: every day) and talked me through a lot of deep-rooted
dissatisfaction with life and personal goals and such. He and Jenn are really wonderful people and I am glad to
call them friends. 


I taught in the early afternoon on Sunday, bid Cam farewell that evening, then headed to a 12-5 AM recording session. Shortly after, I packed my bags and Ubered to the airport for a 9:30 AM flight, and proceeded to sleep for a grand total of 19 hours. 

There is much to be done still. Tomorrow, I pack my bags again, and on Friday, I'll go to Boston for pre-tour rehearsals. Then, it's off to China for a week! I am really hoping I can find even a couple of hours to write some Spires songs. It's one of the things that brings me the absolute most joy, and finally I feel that the creative fountain has begun to refill. 

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