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Seven Spires: Ask Us Anything 

Timestamped questions, for your convenience! These are from our "ask me anything" session on May 3rd :) 

00:16 When can we expect you in Sweden? (Adrienne) 
00:42 How did you make the formula for your style? What are your individual influences? (Adrienne) 
2:20 What are your individual influences? (Jack) 
3:25 What are your individual influences? (Peter) 
4:13 What are your individual influences? (Chris) 
5:53 Why “Solveig”?... (Adrienne) 
6:19 Besides some of the different members, what was the biggest difference in recording the Cabaret EP vs the new album? (Jack) 
7:14 Do you have any advice or thoughts on small bands trying to make music their full time job? (Peter) 
8:39 When are the guys gonna get haircuts? (Chris) 
9:45 Creepiest request from a fan? (Adrienne) 
10:28 What were your inspirations on writing the new album? (Jack) 
11:19 What is the collective band hair conditioner budget? (Peter) 
11:35 Worst venue/best venue? (Chris) 
13:28 Do you guys wear different brands of eye makeup? (Adrienne) 
13:55 Why are y’all so gosh-darned cute?/WHY ARE Y’ALL SO ATTRACTIVE? (Jack) 
14:13 Who the hell is Pete? He seems like this mysterious bass player. (Peter) 
14:53 Best mosh pit you’ve had during a show? (Chris) 
16:34 Do you all have any tour dates for ny planned? (Adrienne) 
16:52 Have you all heard of a place called Wichita, Kansas? (Jack) 
17:16 Are you really music robots? (Peter) 
17:40 How do you like your steak? (Chris) 
18:59 What are your vampire backstories? (Adrienne) 
19:23 Why do you use a drum machine to record instead of your own drummer? (Jack) 
19:51 After the album is released, what is Seven Spires next step in their quest for world domination? (Peter) 
20:37 Who is the most Ude of the Udes? (Chris) 
21:49 Funniest tour experience? (Adrienne) 
22:51 But do you like Pizzzzzer? (Jack) 
23:06 How does one blast with the intensity of a thousand suns? (Chris) 
23:53 Best way to enjoy rum? (Adrienne) 
24:09 Do you have any outfit sponsors? (Jack) 
24:36 Who would you guys love to play a show/tour with that you haven’t already? (Chris) 
25:36 Best mosh pit you’ve had during a show? Pt II (Adrienne) 
26:36 Do you luf me as much as I luf you? (Chris) 
25:56 Thank you! :D

I sang with AMARANTHE (OMG) 

1:28 Pinch me, did I really sing with Amaranthe the other night at the Stafford Palace Theater in CT? Thank you Amaranthe for making me dizzy with happiness, and thank you Jake Sheik Estabrook and Black Ray Photography for this fantastic footage.