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Pre-order Seven Spires' New Album "SOLVEIG" 

Pre-order your copy now! 

Pre-Order your copy now: 

Track list: 
1. The Siren 
2. Encounter 
3. The Siren (Reprise) 
4. The Cabaret of Dreams 
5. Choices 
6. Closure 
7. 100 Days 
8. Stay 
9. The Paradox 
10. Serenity 
11. Depths 
12. Distant Lights 
13. Burn 
14. Ashes 
15. Reflections 

Graced once again by the mixing/mastering genius of Sascha Paeth and Miro Rodenberg, Seven Spires’ new album is “SOLVEIG”, a theatrical metal concept album in two acts. It is the story of a lost soul and his journey through a Demon’s sunless neo-victorian underworld. Despite small glimmers of hope, it is a grim tale with a heavy focus on escapism, death, and decadence. With distinct attention to melancholic power metal, melodic death, and black metal, Seven Spires fuse sounds from across the spectrum of metal with their great love for Romantic composers, and the atmospheric and storytelling capabilities of film scores. 

Live photos by

We won Best Rock Performance at the IPMA! 

The 2016 International Portuguese Music Awards (IPMA) show was held at the Zeiterion Performing Arts Center in New Bedford MA on Saturday April 23rd. The nominees for Best Rock Performance were: 

– “Mãos Ao Ar” by M’Vula (Angola) 
– “Birds” by Mourah (Switzerland) 
– “Pedaços de Papel” by Cesar Rego (USA) 
– “The Truth of The Lion” by Mike Kerr (USA)

Right to Left: Mike Kerr, me, Ven Thangaraj, Matt Zappa :)
Mike Kerr accepting the award and delivering an eloquent speech :)

It was a great feeling. Thank you, Mike for including me on this track!


You can watch our part of the show and also see some behind the scenes footage from the gala the night before and a little bit of the after party.

"The Truth of the Lion" Nominated for Two IPMA Awards 

I'm thrilled that the Mike Kerr Group's "The Truth of the LIon" has been nominated for two International Portuguese Music Awards: Best Rock Performance and Song of the Year. I'm so proud to be a part of this! 

"The International Portuguese Music Awards (IPMA), recognizes outstanding achievement in the music industry by international artists of Portuguese ancestry. 

Multiple award categories honor exceptional artists for their abilities to inspire audiences all over the world. Nominees are judged by a panel of music industry experts. 

In addition to the presentation of the awards, IPMA features two finalists competing live for the “New Talent” category. A panel of judges selects the winner. 

The award show also features performances by prominent artists and is televised on various media outlets, including worldwide via RTP International."

I sang with AMARANTHE (OMG) 

1:28 Pinch me, did I really sing with Amaranthe the other night at the Stafford Palace Theater in CT? Thank you Amaranthe for making me dizzy with happiness, and thank you Jake Sheik Estabrook and Black Ray Photography for this fantastic footage.

Cover: "Forever" by Kamelot (plus I have a new YouTube Channel!) 


As anyone with an inkling of creativity in their system knows, an artist's influences, tastes and abilities change and develop over time, just as one's personality matures with each new experience. I've been making YouTube videos since I was 15 and have decided that it's finally time to make a new, official channel, for all my things metal and dishevelled composery.

This has been a long time coming (Jack and I filmed this in January! Haha), but here's "Forever" by KAMELOT. I had a good time stretching my power metal chops, and I hope you'll enjoy it too smile emoticon