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I sang with AMARANTHE (OMG) 

1:28 Pinch me, did I really sing with Amaranthe the other night at the Stafford Palace Theater in CT? Thank you Amaranthe for making me dizzy with happiness, and thank you Jake Sheik Estabrook and Black Ray Photography for this fantastic footage.

Queen Boudicca: A Metal Opera Scheduled for Saturday March 7 

On Saturday March 7 (PLEASE no more snow storms), I and my Berklee brothers and sisters of metal will be in the world premiere of "Queen Boudicca: A Metal Opera" at the Berklee Performance Center in Boston. We are so excited to perform this for you. Hope to see you there \m/

8pm/All Ages/$12

Facebook Event Page 

And if you can't make it because you live elsewhere, it will be simulcast online here.

Queen Boudicca: A Metal Opera 

I'll be in this next :)

Queen Boudicca: A Metal Opera

Tuesday / February 10, 2015 / 8:00 p.m.
Berklee Performance Center
136 Massachusetts Ave., Boston, MA  02115       
"A treacherous lioness butchered the governors…of Roman rule" (Roman historian Gildas)

Queen Boudicca: A Metal Opera tells the story of Boudicca, queen of the ancient Britons, who led a devastating revolt against Roman occupation.  Her story is one of the greatest tales of courage and heroism in Celtic history, one that every school child would know - if Boudicca had been a man.

Marie Westbrook Photography

The production features Berklee alumna Ava Gaudet as Queen Boudicca. Gaudet has appeared on Broadway as Maureen and Mimi in Rent and has numerous film and television credits including N.C.I.S., Mike and Molly, The Exes, and Private Practice.

Queen Boudicca: A Metal Opera includes current Berklee students in the Metal band, metal and traditional vocal soloists, strings, woodwinds, and Berklee’s Crepesculum choir.  Reproductions of unique ancient Celtic instruments like the Carnyx War Trumpet; and a distant ancestor of the modern guitar: the Warrior’s Lyre.  Though silent for thousands of years, these instruments appear for the first time in the 21st century in Queen Boudicca: A Metal Opera .

Queen Boudicca: A Metal Opera is an original dramatic opera composed by Robert E. Schlink, associate professor in Berklee's Ensemble Department, and his son; Berklee alumnus Robert C. Schlink; and is directed by RI director and actor, Carol Schlink.

World Premiere performance Tuesday, Feb. 10 at at 8pm at  Berklee Performance Center, Berklee College of Music, 136 Massachusetts Ave., Boston, MA  02115.   

Tickets are $12 at the door or go to