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We won Best Rock Performance at the IPMA! 

The 2016 International Portuguese Music Awards (IPMA) show was held at the Zeiterion Performing Arts Center in New Bedford MA on Saturday April 23rd. The nominees for Best Rock Performance were: 

– “Mãos Ao Ar” by M’Vula (Angola) 
– “Birds” by Mourah (Switzerland) 
– “Pedaços de Papel” by Cesar Rego (USA) 
– “The Truth of The Lion” by Mike Kerr (USA)

Right to Left: Mike Kerr, me, Ven Thangaraj, Matt Zappa :)
Mike Kerr accepting the award and delivering an eloquent speech :)

It was a great feeling. Thank you, Mike for including me on this track!


You can watch our part of the show and also see some behind the scenes footage from the gala the night before and a little bit of the after party.

Happy 2016! 

To my friends and fans: 

I write to you now not just as Adrienne Cowan of Seven Spires and dishevelled composing and metal screaming, but also as Adrienne of too much coffee and Xenoblade and Zelda and nerdy space things. 

I owe you so much, and cannot thank you enough for the kind words and support you have shown me over the course of the last twelve months. The grey had a frighteningly strong hold on me at multiple times this year, and though I felt stagnant, what got me out of bed in the morning was continuing to sing short video clips or take quick snapshots of my soul for you. Your positive feedback and love has made a world of difference to me, and has and continues to be a beacon through the rough and foggy tides. 

Spires has grown and progressed beautifully thanks to your continued support, and with shows, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram I've been fortunate to meet and eventually count many of you as friends. And, September marked something of a rebirth in my head; somewhere at ProgPower USA, everything clicked back into place and I feel now as though I can take on anything. 

And so, to all of you and especially those in the Seventh Brigade, my family in Spires, my family in blood, my friends old and new, and everyone involved at PPUSA '15: you not only saved my ass in a long-term way, but also kicked me back into a long-lost headspace of "I am" instead of "I could". Thank you for re-installing my raison d'être, for the entire album I wrote upon my return from Atlanta, for the power of becoming a morning person, and for inspiring me to be the best version of myself I can be. Thank you for showing me how to grow, and how to nurture and love myself again. Thank you for your enthusiasm and love. Thank you for the incredible opportunities you've presented. I promise I won't disappoint you. 

Every year gets even better than the last one, and 2016 is looking huge. As always, I wish you the best of luck in all of your endeavours, and hope to see you soon out on the road!! 

Hugs, hugs, hugs xxx

Some Photos from "Queen Bouidicca: A Metal Opera"  

What a great night--almost 500 people came to the world premiere of Queen Boudicca at the Berklee Performance Center in Boston on March 7. Here are some pics from the technical rehearsal the night before. 

Bows on March 7 with the entire cast plus composer Robert Schlink.
And me with some friends... and Severed Ted after the performance ;)

Presented by Metal Bardic Circle, LLC

Composed by Robert E. Schlink and Robert C. Schlink

Conductor: Robert E. Schlink

Directed by Carol Schlink

The Bard: Matt Grina

Queen Boudicca: Eva Gaudet

King Prasutagus/Ensemble: Daniel Prior

Heaunea: Haydee Irizarry

Lannosea: Liz Nevolo

Asceawa: Adrienne Cowan

Caitus/Agricola: Eddie Shifflet

Suetonius: Cameron Earnshaw

Iceni Soldier/Ensemble: David D'Andrea

Filids: Summer Shen, Liz Nevolo, Haydee Irizarry

**Metal Band**
Guitar: Patrick Unruh

Guitar: Adam Rafowitz

Acoustic Guitar/Electric Guitar: Daniel 
Martinez del Campo

Bass: Frank Taylor

Drums: Anthony Medaglia

Keyboards: Jenny Xu

Celtic Drums: Alex Suggs, Kevin Arndt, Jose Flores

Carnyx Players: Alex Hart, David Joslin

Violin: Kailey Zercher, Louis Remenapp, Yijun Huang

Electric Cello: Aodan Collins

Viola: Nathaniel Austin

Flute: Elaine Matir, Elaine Lizardo

Oboe: Sam Burke

Clarinet: Jessica Leech

**Crepusculum Choir**

Director: TJ Tiquori

Soprano: Claire Joy Moss, Jessie Putnam, Nicole Roberts, Celia Tow

Alto: Lindsay Pennington (Choir Director), Laura Wilson, Laura Edwards, Alicia Deros, Marcelle Simpson, Alyssa DiMaio

Tenor: Patrick Haffmans, Alex Isayyid, Jeffrey Jauch, Arthur Smeall, Carlos Nogueras

Bass: Scott Bell, Matt Grina, Cheng-Ting Liao, Alexander Yen, Jeffrey Millonig, Zach Ivy, TJ Liquori

Comic Book Artist: Gary Deslauries

Berklee College of Music, Boston Massachusetts

Stage Managers: Caitlin DiSarro

Costumes/Props: The Cast, Carol Schlink, Mt. Hope High School Tech Theatre Class, Caitlin DiSarro

Copyist/Additional Orchestrations: Vern Grahm

Technical Consultant/Slide Technician: Rob Gaudet

Piper: Liam Alastair Crouse

Happy New Year! 

Hello dears, I just wanted to say a gigantic THANK YOU for making 2014 even better than I could have imagined! It's been great meeting such fantastic new friends (there are so many of you now!!), you make me feel very lucky to have you around 

Let's focus hard and keep forging the path toward our dreams in 2015! I know I will be, so here's wishing you the best of luck for a wonderful new year 

Always yours,
Adrienne xxx

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The Last Two Weeks on Instagram (April 14, 2014) 

With Jimmy and Jack,at the Boston Opera House for Dream Theater plus Alexi Laiho and Children of Bodom the same week results in the necessity for Tiger Balm for bangovers, Sundays are work days too, being a one trick pony pays off, spiked shades.
Transformation Tuesday, Buried Electric's cymbal, Converse and BLUE jeans (!), all will be revealed soon, Patrick likes his coffee black, first gig with Dirty Lyxx.


April 2014 Newsletter 

Hello dears!

I can't believe March is already gone.

What is there to report? Seven Spires' tracks for the first EP (OFFICIAL TITLE ALERT: "The Cabaret of Dreams") are all sent off to Germany for mixing and mastering, the first videoshoot is done and being edited, we've done a couple photoshoots, rehearsals have started to perfect our live show, and we're drafting the EP booklet, talking to our local friends about doing some shows/tour together, and at some point I suppose we'll probably start looking at making some merch!

Meanwhile, look out for a teaser, a demo, and some other fun releases before this EP drops. Seriously so excited for this.

Oh yeah, and uni's going well. I might place out of the last level of Ear Training since I did so well on my midterms, which is always handy. Had to handwrite a score and individual parts for my Arranging midterm (photo above). Andddd I've just seen Dream Theater perform at the absolutely gorgeous Boston Opera House with the Berklee orchestra (World Strings plus special guests) and concert choir. The orchestra was conducted by Eren Başbuğa fellow student here. I am in awe of that guy's talent and drive. His passion for what he does is incredible, and it's so great to see it all paying off like this.

Also, while we're talking about local legends... check out Alek Darson's Panopticon EP. This guy is self produced, absolutely awesome at writing, has serious guitar chops, and is super humble. Wow.

Onwards and upwards, friends, we're aiming for the stars as always!



PS Jack, Anthony, JP, and I had an awesome time playing live on WUML 91.5's The Stress Factor last month! You can see some more behind the scenes photos here :)