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Vlog: Berklee Semester 6 Wrap-Up 

Six down, two to go! 

Links to stuff I mention in the video: 
Seven Spires: 
Mike Kerr: 
Queen Boudicca: 

Video: Singers, get your voice back! 

What I do when I wake up without a voice. Lots of tea (Throat Coat or Lemon and Ginger are my favorites), warm drinks, food that is nice on the throat, lots of steam to loosen the phlegm in your throat, gentle warmups will do the same-- the mild vibrations caused on your vocal chords will both loosen the gunk and also massage your chords back into a functioning state.

At every music school there are always vocalists who show up to class whining about having no voice. In some cases this is a perfectly valid excuse from participating in class (I had a friend who came in one Monday morning after spending the weekend tracking vocals for his band's album), but for a lot of others, it's laziness or a lack of knowing how to take care of their instrument. 

If you're a singer willing to pay to attend music school or even just voice lessons, why let it go to waste because you happen to not like the song study that week? Learn how to take care of your voice, ladies and gentlemen-- this is what works for me, I hope it will be helpful in learning how to care for your own instrument.

So there you have it. Get off your ass and warm up. No excuses.

Music: "Alive" by Seven Spires. Used with permission.