The Outset: 30 May, 2016. Kingwood, TX.

Life has not been normal at all.

Happily, it looks like it will continue to be in flux, and full of adventures and amazing people to learn from. There are some potential tours and opportunities on the horizon, and I plan to document them here. And so, to begin… 

 Where I am: 
Seven Spires: Vocalist, principle composer, orchestrator, storyteller. 
FirstBourne: Vocalist, lyricist, some orchestration. 
Italian Band TBA: Still unannounced (more info soon!!). Vocalist, lyricist, some orchestration. 
Queen Boudicca: The Metal Opera: Ascewa (extreme vocals, female lead) and interning with management etc. 

Currently sleeping in Texas while not in Milan or Boston for work. Finishing my Composition/Music Business degree from Berklee remotely. 4am is an old friend, and we rendez-vous regularly. Espresso eases me into every morning. Kraken is excellent company. 

Where I came from: 
As a kid, I loved to read and draw. I skipped recess to build clay dragons and go to piano lessons. A lot of time was spent with my dog, and in art and science museums. 
Life changed at 12, when I moved to southern England with my family. I loved musicals and Middle Earth (elves are obviously still a favourite). 
At 14, we moved to the Netherlands and I played piano in a Jazz band for a year. After this, I left high school, earned a GED, and began full-time studies in music.   


Where I’m going: 

This remains to be seen. Ideally, there’s a tour bus with my name on it and flat in Venice in the nearer future, and a castle with a dungeon and a recording space in the farther future. 

My brain is brimming with ideas, worlds, ventures, stories, and plans. My heart is both full and empty, and that’s okay with me. My soul is searching. Perhaps “questing” is a better word. It finds comfort in the boundless majesty of space, and the feeling of insignificance inspired by attempts at fathoming these depths. 

Ah, well. One day, I'll find happiness and peace. For now, the excitement of the journey is wonderful and satisfying enough. 

Thanks for reading, and welcome aboard. \m/

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