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Once More Into the Unknown: 18 Aug '16. Houston, TX.

Tomorrow, I leave TX, without any real idea of when I'll be back. Again. That's fine :) I've had some lovely quiet days! 

Being home means: 

A pitcher of green juice and Xenoblade

I am so excited to finally have

A lot of Spires: 27 July '16. Houston, TX & Boston, MA.

Really exciting potentials brewing in Spires camp. In the meantime, Jack and I wrote 11 songs for the following album for two weeks. We also took a day to explore Space Centre Houston :) 

Spires nerding out.
And I built

Beachstock and Spires: 13 July, 2016. Providence, RI.

Beachstock in Providence, RI: Playing with Seven Spires again felt like coming home. 
The way it's meant to be. Pete's glorious hair.  I also brought my favourite shirt/jacket back: 
The original Spires jacket, a love-at-first-sight find

RTX and Jeff Williams: 6 July, 2016. Austin, TX.

This week has been absolutely insane. I've lived and breathed Jeff Williams' music for RWBY for about a week, which culminated in a grand performance at Austin City Limits' Moody Theatre during RTX. It was one of the biggest and…Read more

The Outset: 30 May, 2016. Kingwood, TX.

Life has not been normal at all.

Happily, it looks like it will continue to be in flux, and full of adventures and amazing people to learn from. There are some potential tours and opportunities on the horizon, and I…

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