I LOST MY PASSPORT: 8 Nov 2016. Boston, MA.

In a window of about 15 minutes on Saturday afternoon, I lost my passport (with my Chinese business visa) TWO DAYS before I was meant to leave the country. 

It was somewhere between finishing rehearsal and entering the apartment with…

Once More Into the Unknown: 18 Aug '16. Houston, TX.

Tomorrow, I leave TX, without any real idea of when I'll be back. Again. That's fine :) I've had some lovely quiet days! 

Being home means: 

A pitcher of green juice and Xenoblade

I am so excited to finally have

A lot of Spires: 27 July '16. Houston, TX & Boston, MA.

Really exciting potentials brewing in Spires camp. In the meantime, Jack and I wrote 11 songs for the following album for two weeks. We also took a day to explore Space Centre Houston :) 

Spires nerding out.
And I built