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"O Holy Night" Metal Cover 

O Holy Night: Metal Version! Prepare for some stratospherically high notes, hahah. Originally composed in 1847, I'm very pleased to bring you this fun collaboration with Mike Kerr and Ven Thangaraj of FirstBourne and Jack Kosto of Seven Spires? We wish you the happiest of holidays! 

**In case you don't know, I actually sing for both bands, so check out "Riot" by FirstBourne and "Solveig" by Seven Spires ??**

Cover: "Pull Me Under" by Dream Theater (International YouTube Collaboration) 

Here's another fun International YouTube collab! Huge thanks to Romain for including me :)

All Guitars & production : Romain Verghade

Drums: Renato Glauco

Bass: Gustavo Marabiza

Keys: KeyboardManiaWorld

All Vocals : Adrienne Cowan

Cover: "Wastelands" by Avantasia featuring Edd Heritage 

Redid this one after 4 months of studying Bel Canto (opera singing technique). Much easier now! Please enjoy this video and the silly singing faces :) 

Edd Heritage

Guitars, bass, drums etc played and mixed by Edd Heritage. 
Vocals by Adrienne Cowan. 

"Wastelands" is by Avantasia. We do not own this song.

Cover: Nothing But Metal by PelleK -- Adrienne Cowan featuring Matthew Long 

A cheeky cover of "Nothing by Metal" that Matt and I filmed right before he headed back to England. 

Matthew Long: Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Adrienne Cowan: Vocals, Keys, Drum Programming

We do not own this song.

As it says on PelleK's version of this "Lyrics and idea by PelleK, basically everything else except PelleK's vocals by Tommy ReinXeed... the main (opening) guitar riff and melody is by Falconer (song: Mindtraveller), and there are tons of additional riffs and vocal melodies inspired by bands like helloween, lost horizon, judas priest, stratovarius, van halen and others..." You can hear his version with ReinXeed here:

PelleK website:
PelleK YouTube:

Matthew Long Facebook:

Cover: Watch Over You (Duet) by Alter Bridge -- Adrienne Cowan featuring Matthew Long 

My good friend and very talented musician Matthew Long visited me from England over the New Year's holiday. You might recognize him from our old band Riot Underground. His new band is SevenSmith (rock/metal), based in Guildford, England. Go check out his stuff!

Matthew Long Facebook:

"Watch Over You" is written by Myles Kennedy, Brian Marshall, Mark Tremonti, Scott Phillips. We do not own this song.

This version is based on "Watch Over You Duet" recorded by Alter Bridge and Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil
Vocals-Adrienne Cowan, Matthew Long
Guitars-Matthew Long
Bass-Matthew Long
Drum Programming: Adrienne Cowan