Adrienne Cowan recording THE PATH (BTS) 

From Sascha Paeth's Masters of Ceremony: "Adrienne Cowan recording THE PATH In this short Video you can see how Adrienne Cowan records vocals for the Masters of Ceremony song "The Path". We used huge parts of this take for the final recordings." 


"Signs of Wings" out now!

"O Holy Night" Metal Cover 

O Holy Night: Metal Version! Prepare for some stratospherically high notes, hahah. Originally composed in 1847, I'm very pleased to bring you this fun collaboration with Mike Kerr and Ven Thangaraj of FirstBourne and Jack Kosto of Seven Spires😀 We wish you the happiest of holidays! 

**In case you don't know, I actually sing for both bands, so check out "Riot" by FirstBourne and "Solveig" by Seven Spires 😄🍷**