Here is the Wonder, Here is the Awe: 9 June, 2016. Roma, Italia.

Having something of a grey soul is something that I've accepted and embraced. However, the burnout that plagues me for months at a time sometimes hangs like a terrible fog, dampening the spirit and obscuring the vision. 

But, now and then, there are the nights where the fog is completely burnt away, and my passion is reignited. This was one of those nights; there is no doubt in my mind that this is where my heart calls home: 

I attended Rock in Roma with a crew pass, courtesy of Marco Pastorino, guitarist of Temperance (thank you!!!). It was an interesting glimpse of what I feel is not so far in my future; both eye opening and also confirming. The lineup was Temperance, Apocalyptica, Epica, and Nightwish. My schedule went something like this: 

8 June
3h30 Wake up, shower, clothes, pack bag
5h00 Marco picked me up from my hotel just outside of Milan
5h40 Espresso stop
6h00 Arrive at studio to meet Giulio (drummer) and load the van, also pick up Chiara (vocalist)
7h50 Pick up Luca (bassist) and fill in sound man
10h00 Espresso stop, "sleep"
12h30 Foccatia and tea and pick up Lisa (photographer), "sleep"
15h00 Arrive finally! Park and find dressing room
16h00 Randomly met Marco Hietala (Nightwish) backstage
16h20 Spires interview with a cool Scottish guy named Ryan. Happy to speak English!! Haha (Mi dispiace, sto imparando l'italiano lentamento)
17h15 Watched Temperance slay from backstage
18h30 Dressing room. Watched some of Apocalyptica's set, but I am jetlagged and ready to pass out. Someone brought beers to our room. 

Next hours were something of a blur, but there was a lot of espresso and listening to people speaking Italian. I found some wifi and checked out a new Spires mix from Sascha, and also spoke with one of the cellists from Apocalyptica ("You played with us in Massachusetts?? But what are you doing in Italy?"). Of course, I watched Nightwish for the third time-- but the first time to see how the show runs from backstage. 

1h00 We met Tuomas and Emppu. By now, it was approaching a 22 hour long day and I was so exhausted, all I could barely manage was to shake their hands and thank them. Still, it meant a lot to me; Tuomas's creations are half the reason I decided to study Composition at school in the first place. I hope our paths will cross again. 
1h05 Begin the long drive back. 

4h50 Stopped a few times. No idea where. Marco drifting off a bit in the front seat, I think. Dropped off Lisa. 
6h?? Coffee/food stop. 
9:30 Drop off Luca.

Made it back to the studio, unloaded the van, and crashed into my hotel room finally at 12h30.

And now, here I am writing this post, soon to go back to orchestrating some new songs. 

Life is funny. 

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