Somewhere Between Rehearsals and Death: 5 October, 2016. Boston, MA

So here's a thing: I left Berklee in May for a plethora of reasons (mostly because I travel like crazy and Boston makes me unnervingly grey), but have continued my studies online so that I can finish my degree. This means that including the two summer semesters I've taken, I am now in my 10th semester, and have been in school full time since Sept '14 without more than a week or two off in between. AWESOME, I'm so happy to be finishing up the last 9 credits. 

Anyway. I'm back in Boston because I'm working on this: 

Rehearsals are about 12 hours of my week, plus some extra work I do for the MD and director. For example, a handful of us dressed up and paraded around Providence last weekend to promote the show: 

I learned some basic chords on the Warrior's Lyre, so I'm basically Jack Kosto now. 
I met the composer's dog, Hamlet: 
I'd post a photo of Hammy and myself together, but the only one I have is blurry. He's a sweet and energetic little thing <3 

Being in Boston for an extended period of time like this wears on my spirit a little bit, and it absolutely destroys my sleeping schedule. I'm not sure why, but it has always been this way, I think. Writing for Spires is one of the few things that keeps me happy, but I've been a little creatively dry, too... So that's a bit of a drag. Still, I'll try most days to write SOMETHING, even if it's small, or just thoughts and details on the concept. Yummies and good company help, too. Otherwise, I kind of box up all of my grey and put it in another box and tape that up and put it in the back of my mind so that I can continue to get up and kick ass in the morning. It's probably not healthy, and I'll have to look at it eventually, but right now I just don't have it in me. 

So, BEHOLD: Photographic evidence of fighting off the grey :D 

Pumpkin Spice pretzels
Breakfast meetings and accidentally wearing the same outfit
Clothing that is not black (it's forest green hehe)
Evening walks by the Charles River

I laugh every damn time I see this 
Joe Atlan turning me into a mermaid

That's life right now. :) 

Much love xxx


1) This is finally out: 
Lots of clean singing from yours truly
2) This is happening soon: 
3) This happened and it's kind of fun:  

4) You need to go and listen to the new Insomnium. "Winter's Gate". Go. Now. 

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