Video: Singers, get your voice back!

What I do when I wake up without a voice. Lots of tea (Throat Coat or Lemon and Ginger are my favorites), warm drinks, food that is nice on the throat, lots of steam to loosen the phlegm in…

Vlog: Berklee Semester 2 Wrap-up

I've completed my first year at Berklee College of Music! Here are my thoughts so far as a metal vocalist studying here :) 

The Lastest on Instagram

Nick Petrino, To Do list, DIY Style, Sleep Deprived
Anthony Medaglia Recording with Seven Spires at BIRN, Jordan Williams and Starbucks, Throwback Thursday: Riot Underground, with Jack Kosto on BIRN for Seven Spire's interview
Berklee Heavy Metal Ensemble recital…

The Last Two Weeks on Instagram (April 14, 2014)

  With Jimmy and Jack,at the Boston Opera House for Dream Theater plus Alexi Laiho and Children of Bodom the same week results in the necessity for Tiger Balm for bangovers, Sundays are work days too, being a one trick…

April 2014 Newsletter

Hello dears!

I can't believe March is already gone.

What is there to report? Seven Spires' tracks for the first EP (OFFICIAL TITLE ALERT: "The Cabaret of Dreams") are all sent off to Germany for mixing and mastering, the first…