Some Photos from "Queen Bouidicca: A Metal Opera"

What a great night--almost 500 people came to the world premiere of Queen Boudicca at the Berklee Performance Center in Boston on March 7. Here are some pics from the technical rehearsal the night before. 

Bows on March 7 with the entire cast plus composer Robert Schlink.
And me with some friends... and Severed Ted after the performance ;)

Presented by Metal Bardic Circle, LLC

Composed by Robert E. Schlink and Robert C. Schlink

Conductor: Robert E. Schlink

Directed by Carol Schlink

The Bard: Matt Grina

Queen Boudicca: Eva Gaudet

King Prasutagus/Ensemble: Daniel Prior

Heaunea: Haydee Irizarry

Lannosea: Liz Nevolo

Asceawa: Adrienne Cowan

Caitus/Agricola: Eddie Shifflet

Suetonius: Cameron Earnshaw

Iceni Soldier/Ensemble: David D'Andrea

Filids: Summer Shen, Liz Nevolo, Haydee Irizarry

**Metal Band**
Guitar: Patrick Unruh

Guitar: Adam Rafowitz

Acoustic Guitar/Electric Guitar: Daniel 
Martinez del Campo

Bass: Frank Taylor

Drums: Anthony Medaglia

Keyboards: Jenny Xu

Celtic Drums: Alex Suggs, Kevin Arndt, Jose Flores

Carnyx Players: Alex Hart, David Joslin

Violin: Kailey Zercher, Louis Remenapp, Yijun Huang

Electric Cello: Aodan Collins

Viola: Nathaniel Austin

Flute: Elaine Matir, Elaine Lizardo

Oboe: Sam Burke

Clarinet: Jessica Leech

**Crepusculum Choir**

Director: TJ Tiquori

Soprano: Claire Joy Moss, Jessie Putnam, Nicole Roberts, Celia Tow

Alto: Lindsay Pennington (Choir Director), Laura Wilson, Laura Edwards, Alicia Deros, Marcelle Simpson, Alyssa DiMaio

Tenor: Patrick Haffmans, Alex Isayyid, Jeffrey Jauch, Arthur Smeall, Carlos Nogueras

Bass: Scott Bell, Matt Grina, Cheng-Ting Liao, Alexander Yen, Jeffrey Millonig, Zach Ivy, TJ Liquori

Comic Book Artist: Gary Deslauries

Berklee College of Music, Boston Massachusetts

Stage Managers: Caitlin DiSarro

Costumes/Props: The Cast, Carol Schlink, Mt. Hope High School Tech Theatre Class, Caitlin DiSarro

Copyist/Additional Orchestrations: Vern Grahm

Technical Consultant/Slide Technician: Rob Gaudet

Piper: Liam Alastair Crouse

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