Seven Spires: Ask Us Anything

Timestamped questions, for your convenience! These are from our "ask me anything" session on May 3rd :) 

00:16 When can we expect you in Sweden? (Adrienne) 
00:42 How did you make the formula for your style? What are your individual influences? (Adrienne) 
2:20 What are your individual influences? (Jack) 
3:25 What are your individual influences? (Peter) 
4:13 What are your individual influences? (Chris) 
5:53 Why “Solveig”?... (Adrienne) 
6:19 Besides some of the different members, what was the biggest difference in recording the Cabaret EP vs the new album? (Jack) 
7:14 Do you have any advice or thoughts on small bands trying to make music their full time job? (Peter) 
8:39 When are the guys gonna get haircuts? (Chris) 
9:45 Creepiest request from a fan? (Adrienne) 
10:28 What were your inspirations on writing the new album? (Jack) 
11:19 What is the collective band hair conditioner budget? (Peter) 
11:35 Worst venue/best venue? (Chris) 
13:28 Do you guys wear different brands of eye makeup? (Adrienne) 
13:55 Why are y’all so gosh-darned cute?/WHY ARE Y’ALL SO ATTRACTIVE? (Jack) 
14:13 Who the hell is Pete? He seems like this mysterious bass player. (Peter) 
14:53 Best mosh pit you’ve had during a show? (Chris) 
16:34 Do you all have any tour dates for ny planned? (Adrienne) 
16:52 Have you all heard of a place called Wichita, Kansas? (Jack) 
17:16 Are you really music robots? (Peter) 
17:40 How do you like your steak? (Chris) 
18:59 What are your vampire backstories? (Adrienne) 
19:23 Why do you use a drum machine to record instead of your own drummer? (Jack) 
19:51 After the album is released, what is Seven Spires next step in their quest for world domination? (Peter) 
20:37 Who is the most Ude of the Udes? (Chris) 
21:49 Funniest tour experience? (Adrienne) 
22:51 But do you like Pizzzzzer? (Jack) 
23:06 How does one blast with the intensity of a thousand suns? (Chris) 
23:53 Best way to enjoy rum? (Adrienne) 
24:09 Do you have any outfit sponsors? (Jack) 
24:36 Who would you guys love to play a show/tour with that you haven’t already? (Chris) 
25:36 Best mosh pit you’ve had during a show? Pt II (Adrienne) 
26:36 Do you luf me as much as I luf you? (Chris) 
25:56 Thank you! :D

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